Thomas, Lisa and Alexandra
Charybdis into Scylla

a shard is a fragment of a moment

you are on a path
you’ll get cut
splinters under your skin
a scar is proof
i teach myself
i do dumb things

a superficial young guy
changing reality for the better
compulsively seeking a laid-up feel
a bold girl
a wandering soul
someone who loves obsessively
at the best of times

living under a rock
i am the little boy on the rock
there is water all around me
there is a stream that surrounds me
like a place to end one story

having escaped Charybdis, I fell into Scylla
there is no more shore
but a thrilling feeling


Charybdis into Scylla
Thomas Cap de Ville, Lisa Signorini
19.05. — 26.07.2022