Miriam Stoney
Common Notions

The exhibition Common Notions at house of spouse consists of three paintings and two installations by Katharina Schilling and Miriam Stoney, variably. The title of the painting to the right of the door, as you enter the gallery, is Equals Infinity. Katharina Schilling made this painting in 2022 using pigment and oil on canvas and it is 125cm tall and 90cm wide. On the floor in the same room is an installation from 2022 with the title Textual Situation (Too Many Words), which consists of a functioning black Canon printer with scattered printouts of a six-page text written by Miriam Stoney. In the second room, on the wall to the right is a painting from 2022 by Katharina Schilling titled Die Abschiede, made using pigment and oil on canvas; it is 110cm tall and 210cm wide. On the floor in the same room is an installation by Miriam Stoney, which consists of four sound- and vibration-absorbing, slip-resistant mats, two 1:20 scale models of Wiener Wohnen studios, various books and two fish transport bags containing tinted fluid. The title of this installation is Between Dwelling, and it dates from 2022. The painting on the left wall is the product of a collaboration between Katharina Schilling and Miriam Stoney from 2022. Its title is Note and it was painted with acrylic and oil on canvas. It is 190cm tall and 130cm wide.


Common Notions
Katharina Schilling, Miriam Stoney
10.11. — 26.01.2023